Using Magic Mushrooms: Some Warnings to Note

Knowledge is power, especially the information regarding something we introduce to our bodies. Psilocybin mushrooms; psychedelic mushrooms; magic mushrooms; sacred mushrooms; shrooms… there are so many words for mushrooms which hold psychoactive powers – or rather, mushrooms which affect our minds. Humanity has used these for tens or thousands of years, but only after the mid ‘50s were they rediscovered by the Western world, after being forgotten for centuries.

If you want to know all about these extraordinary fruits of nature, you have only two options:

  • Personally researching on the internet for years
  • Acquiring the one and only book dedicated exclusively to magic mushrooms

The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide is the first book in which you will find all the information necessary: from how to take the mushrooms at the right dosage, to the substances containing psilocybin and how to use these on your inner quest. In that book you will find everything on what to do, and what not to do, to ensure complete peace of mind.

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Before you continue reading this blog, here is a necessary WARNING:

The information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice and does not constitute medical or psychological practice. You do not have to trust this information as you would a visit to the doctor, or suggestions from a medical professional, let alone a diagnosis or treatment.

The author declines any responsibility for actions or inactions of the reader which he or she may base on information presented on this site. Always seek advice from a doctor, or another qualified health expert, for whatever questions you may have regarding a physical or mental health condition.

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2 thoughts on “Using Magic Mushrooms: Some Warnings to Note

  1. I choose to dispense my cultivars (cubensis) fresh and not dried. If 1/8th oz is the typical increment for exchanges in the desiccated state, what would be the differential in their fresh (wet) state?

    1. Hi Richy, fresh mushrooms probably contain a greater amount of psilocin, a component that is more sensitive to temperature and therefore partially degrades during the drying process. Therefore, proportionally fresh mushrooms are considered a little more potent. What is 3.5 dry grams (1 / 8th oz) if you want to eat them fresh? In my opinion about thirty fresh grams, maybe even a little less.

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