Who I am

I am the author of three books completely dedicated to the knowledge and use of Psilocybe Mushrooms, popularly known by different names: magic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, shrooms, psychedelic mushrooms and Sacred Mushrooms. Unfortunately they are often illegal or in an ambiguous legislative situation.

I chose to publish with a pseudonym because my person is not important, anyone who feels the need to discover himself can be DM Tripson, the son of this journey that is life.

What I do is essential, not who I am.

I give up appearing so I can be anyone who cares about the pursuit of happiness, even at the risk of tapping into the age-old wisdom of nature and our ancestors, without caring too much about the narrow-mindedness of those who want us to sleep in the Matrix. Do you know that a War on Consciousness is underway? We are all called to oppose spreading awareness and responsibility.

We have two weapons available:

  • do your best in everything you do
  • loves

I did the book, and also this blog, in this way. Thanks.