Watch out! Contraindications to the use of Shrooms

Psilocin is the active ingredient, the best known Psilocybin is a non-psychoactive precursor that loses a molecule in the acidity of the stomach and becomes Psilocin; I will use one or the other term indifferently, in practice they are the same. That said, don’t take products that contain psilocin if you have the following problems:

  • you suffer from epilepsy
  • you have heart disease
  • you have abnormal liver functions
  • you take drugs in general (in my first book I go into more detail about interactions with drugs, but generally if you take drugs avoid taking other substances)
  • you have problems with alcohol (alcohol and psilocin are enemies)
  • you have drug addictions (only cannabis addiction is not critical)
  • you have psychiatric conditions
  • you have a diagnosis of personality disorder – borderline – or more serious clinical situations
  • you are emotionally unstable
  • you have a family history of psychiatric disorders
  • you are pregnant
  • you are taking drugs with MAO Inhibitors

These recommendations are essential, if you take psilocin without following these directions you risk getting very sick or losing your life. Having said that, I think it is clear enough.

Psilocin is taken by ingesting the following products:

  • Magic mushrooms
  • Magic truffles
  • Psilocybin
  • Psylacetin

If you respect these contraindications and the rules of the set & setting, any experience, however difficult it may seem to you, will never be dangerous.

Be careful first, then trust!

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