How to make magic mushroom tea that hits the spot

The difference between a regular tea and a good one is the same as the difference between anything you make with your hands: it’s all about the attention you devote. Everyone knows that cooking with love means better dishes! When you put love in what you do, your efforts will always garner great results.

This being said, the second most important thing is using good quality ingredients – and magic mushrooms are no exception: use only the best dried mushrooms available. Select the black or herbal tea of your choice of course, but steer clear of caffeinated tea. Caffeine in tea has the same effect as it does in coffee, so it could make you restless. The presence of uppers adds nothing to the psychedelic experience, apart from possible discomfort on both a physical and emotional level.

You’ll find step by step instructions in the second half of this article. First though, let’s look at the most frequently asked questions on this mode of consumption so you can figure out whether or not mushroom tea is right for you.

Will the mushrooms lose their strength?

The most recurring question about this recipe is this: will the mushrooms lose potency if placed in boiling water? Yes, they’ll lose a little strength if you put them in boiling water, i.e. 100°C. At this temperature, the less stable psilocin deteriorates straight away – psilocybin is more resistant, but in the cup infused with the teabag the temperature dwindles quickly enough to numbers less destructive to the active substances. Although the procedure you’ll find described here is designed to safeguard the mushrooms’ power as much as possible, you do lose something, but (as the experience of many users demonstrates) the difference is completely imperceptible. As a matter of fact, you gain something in flavour – and the reduction in nausea is a good bonus too. If you’re someone who finds the flavour of mushrooms hard to stomach, or who feels nauseous easily, tea is a solution to consider.

Should I throw out the mushroom powder after preparation?

Another question regarding ground mushrooms which remains after their preparation is this: throw them away, or eat them? Making tea makes sense as a way to avoid eating the mushrooms, as the time they sit in your stomach before becoming effective is the period in which you risk nausea. So if nausea is what you’re trying to avoid, you can throw them away without a second thought. There will be very little of use left in them anyway.

I only have a few mushrooms. Will the tea be worth it?

If you only have a few mushrooms at your disposal though and they’re sufficient to give the effect you desire, I’d suggest another method: Lemon Tek. Summarised, the instructions are as follows: finely grind the mushrooms; put them in plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice; mix well; wait 25 minutes max, and ingest. The lemon will cover the mushroom taste somewhat, but more importantly accelerate the rise of the effect and in doing so reduce the timespan in which you might feel sick. Personally, this is my preferred method, but the taste of this mushroom and lemon concoction is objectively better than the taste of dry mushrooms on their own. Moreover, it being in a liquid form is advantageous as you can swallow it down much faster. The longer you have to chew, the longer you have to taste.

How you drink it alters the effect

Let’s get back to tea. If you drink it slowly, taking your time before finishing it, you’ll experience a slow, steady come up. Conversely, if you drink it in a hurry the rise will be decidedly quicker. A very speedy come up, which starts at around 5-10 minutes tops and reaches its peak much more rapidly could scare some people. Some people love a quick start, others don’t. Either way, it’s good to know beforehand and sip slowly.

Some people maintain that tea produces a much shorter trip, but many more deny this claim. Perhaps it’s merely a subjective psychological reaction; as an individual, you’ll only know for sure if you try it. I believe that the material of the fungus tends to prolong the duration of the trip, the release of the active ingredients taking place slower. If you cut up the mushrooms and eat only the active ingredients, it makes sense that it can last not quite as long, but let me repeat: there is no sure fire rule for everyone. Even me personally, I can experience many different variables with the same dose.

The tea and the first time

Tea is also a method of interest for those taking mushrooms for the first time. Here are a few things to keep in mind though: do not exceed the gram and a half limit (never!), and drink slowly; ideally, you must take 20-30 minutes to finish it too, allowing the effect to come up progressively and reducing the risk of nausea to a minimum (or even ruling out sickness altogether). If this is your first time, it’s best to enter the magic world of mushrooms incrementally. If you take the “right” quantity and the effect still rises a little faster than expected, that alone could be scary. It might go that way, and it might not. Just remember you’re not racing anyone – there’s always time for future experience which will help you understand, bit by bit, how mushrooms work with your system.

And now, here’s the recipe you’ll need for an optimal magic mushroom tea.

Necessary Ingredients

  • 3.5g of dry psilocybe cubensis mushrooms
  • 2 cups of water (around 350-400ml in total)
  • 2 teabags of (good quality, decaffeinated) tea or herbal tea. (choose something which combines nicely with the flavour of ginger as well as the eventual lemon juice)
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • A few pieces of ginger (this will reduce the chance of nausea even further, and help to cover the mushroom taste)
  • Lemon juice (optional, but very much advised. This covers the flavour of the mushrooms and, theoretically, accelerate the speed at which the active ingredients can get to work)


  • 1 kettle or saucepan
  • A big enough bowl to prepare everything
  • A coffee grinder, a pestle and mortar, or even just a knife and chopping board to break up the dry mushrooms
  • A coffee filter or fine mesh filter which allows you to squeeze the mushrooms left in the infusion
  • Your favourite mug which holds a good amount of liquid, or a teapot to pour the tea out of into whatever receptacle you want to drink from


  1. Reduce the mushrooms to tiny pieces with a coffee grinder. There’s no need to turn them into a powder, remember. (This way, you’ll increase the surface area of the mushrooms, allowing maximum contact with the tea for the best outcome possible.) Pop the ground mushrooms into a cup
  2. Pour 2 cups of water in the kettle or saucepan and bring it to a boil
  3. Take the water off the heat and leave it to cool down for up to 20 seconds
  4. Put 1 cup of water in the cup containing the ground up mushrooms
  5. Add the teabag and leave to infuse for 10-13 minutes
  6. Remove the teabag and filter the remnants of mushroom from the cup, pouring the resulting liquid into a bowl. Finally, put the filtered mushrooms back into the cup
  7. Bring the second cup of water to a boil, again with a kettle or saucepan
  8. While the water’s heating up, mix a tablespoon of honey, some bits of ginger and (optionally) a splash of lemon juice
  9. Once the water has boiled, take it off the heat and leave it to cool for 20 seconds max
  10. Pour the water into the cup (that contains the once-filtered ground up mushrooms)
  11. Add the second teabag and leave it to brew for 10-12 minutes
  12. Take the teabag out and filter everything once more, pouring the resulting liquid into a bowl with the previously prepared tea
  13. Squeeze the mushrooms to extract all the liquid
  14. Throw out the rest of the mushroom. Now, in your bowl, you have a fully prepared helping of magic mushroom tea. Pour it into the mug of your choosing – filtering it in the process once again, if you want to – and drink it up. The result should be potent and taste as good as it can.

The recipe I’ve presented works well for 3.5g – remember this is a dose which can be very challenging for just one person – but the quantity can be altered to your needs. If you up the quantity of mushrooms you’ll probably have to up the quantity of water, because too little water and a large amount of diced mushrooms tends to form more of a dense cream that’s less easy to filter.

In these blog posts, you’ll find a wealth of useful information, particularly if you’re a mushroom rookie or a newcomer to psychedelics in general. If you do want to know more, my book The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide is made just for you!


Another magic mushroom recipe! This one is very simple, and has its pros and cons compared to the tea method. Keep your preferences and needs in mind while reading.

We’re talking about putting the mushrooms – ground into a powder this time – into orange juice (and lemon, if you like). This will increase the acidity and facilitate the conversion of psilocybin to psilocin.

Once you’ve added the well ground powder, wait 20-25 minutes max, then drink after giving it another good mix. Alternatively, you can put the dry mushrooms in a blender, add in the already squeezed orange and lemon and then blend well. This is a great solution if you don’t have a coffee grinder. The mushrooms require some kind of liquid to be ground up by the blender/juicer – otherwise, they’ll just fly around without touching the blades nearly enough.

What advantage does this method offer over drinking mushroom tea? There’s no reduction in strength with regards to the active chemicals. In fact, there’s no heat involved and you can eat all of the mushroom itself. Even though there’s little loss with the tea too, as there’s very little active substance left in the physical mushroom remnants.

So what’s the downside? If you suffer from nausea when consuming mushrooms, this method is less efficacious at reducing that. Orange is not the most digestible of citrus fruits, especially if you’ve eaten that afternoon or even the evening before. Furthermore, the resulting product will contain all the “flesh” of the mushroom, making it generally less digestible than tea in any case. With this method, assimilation will happen much faster, and the taste will be much more disguised, especially if you add lemon, but other than that it won’t have any added benefits and the risk of nausea is the same as if you had simply eaten the mushrooms on their own.


A note on nausea: many people don’t actually experience this side effect. I, for one, never have, not once. Some people get it the first few times, but not after that. I reckon the problem might derive largely from whatever people have eaten for their last meal and how many hours they’ve fasted before consumption.

Try to pay attention to this, and you might be able to resolve the issue quickly and easily. For some, nausea might come from little more than the nasty taste of the dry mushrooms. If that’s the case, the solution is to camouflage the taste and prepare some kind of liquid which can be drunk quickly – maybe while holding your nose. This way, you might not detect any flavour at all.

But if you’re ever tried ayahuasca… you’ll love the taste of mushrooms!

Other recipes

The possible recipes for consuming mushrooms are too many to count. Personally, I’d advise you to do some research on – and may experiment a little with – the recipes which utilise cocoa, starting with the raw beans, then looking into those which use cocoa or even chocolate. It’s not difficult to combine little chocolates or chocolate bars with mushrooms, melting the chocolate in a bain-marie and then cooling it in shapes of your choice.

The combination with chocolate is a nice one, not to mention the fact that chocolate contains substances which synergise well with the psychoactive properties of fungi. Perhaps I’ll try it one day and write about it in more depth. Or if you’ve already tried it, you can let me know about your experience, and maybe even make an article out of it!

Please, read WARNINGS!

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DM Tripson

DM Tripson published his first short stories at the age of 15, sure that he would soon become a writer, but after a few decades spent doing something else he had given up. One day he discovered magic mushrooms, an extraordinary encounter of the kind that changes your life, in fact it is only with their help that he was able to write three books and dozens of posts on this blog!

156 thoughts on “How to make magic mushroom tea that hits the spot

    1. Hi Dave, if you follow the procedure of preparation, yes, tea without the flesh of the shroom is the best way to assimilate it, I’m sure cramps will be eliminated or strongly reduced. Please let me know how will go, thanks!

        1. Hi Angie, as I wrote “The recipe I’ve presented works well for 3.5g – remember this is a dose which can be very challenging for just one person – but the quantity can be altered to your needs. If you up the quantity of mushrooms you’ll probably have to up the quantity of water, because too little water and a large amount of diced mushrooms tends to form more of a dense cream that’s less easy to filter.” So you can choose the quantity you are comfortable with. Cheers 🙂

    2. I had a blast reading most all of these posts and replies which I found while at store deciding I’d make tea tonight instead. No idea where these are from i think I remember them having the words blue and or gummy in them but even just a small amount the two previous times was pretty intense. So long for now gona go make your tea recipe and hold on to my horses incase no one else shows up to help me consume the full 1/8 xD

  1. Can you make the tea ahead of time and chill it to make an ice tea? Or would that not work for some reason?

    1. Hi Rosie, good question but I’ve never tried, you gave me an idea that is worth experimenting. In my opinion it works, psilocybin is stable and keeps even better if kept cool and in a dark place. You prepare the tea, cool it, put it in a thermos and go out into nature: it’s worth trying. I’ll let you know! Cheers

      1. This is how we generally consume our mushrooms. Ice it up and have some iced tea!! Works wonderfully!

      2. This method works very well and is awesome to use if you want to travel somewhere before starting the trip or if you want to save it for a later day 🙂

      3. A question I’ve always had is, if you are having friends over, is it best to make one single pot worth of an 8th for everyone or is is best to make separate tea cups with people respective doses? Hope the question makes sense!

        1. Yes Jonathan, you can make tea for more people, you just have to consider using more water (more shrooms) and then more capable containers. For the rest, nothing changes. Best wishes! 🙂

        1. Hello Mike! I think it’s still safe, I see no problems with that, but to know if it’s still good I think you should give it a try! In theory, psilocybin resists quite well, but in practice you have to find out 😀

  2. Hi thanks for the recipe. I’m going to give it a go. You said the recipe works well for 3 .5 grams however the list of ingredients is for 5 grams. Was the 5 grams a typo? Thanks so much for this information.

  3. Iv all ways brewed mine in just water for 20 mins I don’t let it boil, once you’ve separated the shrooms your left with a dirty liquid, I then let it cool put it in a bottle or tub and put in the freezer until fully frozen. Take the frozen bottle/ tub out and leave to defrost until fully defrosted, YOU MUST NOT DISTURB THE SOLUTION WHILST DEFROSTING , you will then be left with a clear liquid with like a black dirty slime ball like an egg yolk type texture in the bottom. The trick now is to carefully pour the clear liquid out without disturbing the black blob. Once you get to the black blob throw the rest, you now have a clear liquid that can be used in any thing like jelly ECT. And yes it stops the nasty nausea feeling but I must admit it does still taste nasty unless you use it in jelly or some vimpto lol

    1. Thanks Simon! The black blob makes a little impression on me, maybe the tea is more reassuring and the taste is a little better too 😀
      Maybe you might like iced tea, Rosie wrote about it in a previous comment. All the best

  4. Great thread guys- I’ve prepared different ways and I am going with the suggestion of 3.5 ground grams with pure maple syrup for extra sweetener. I am going to douse myself and another who’s a first timer. Setting intentions with the golden teachers. I’ll follow up tomorrow with a recap

      1. Will it make a difference if i use fresh mushrooms? Every resource ive found online calls for dried mushrooms, what difference will it make to use fresh product. I cannot dry them because i live in a very humid place and they never dry completely.

        1. Hi Shane, I’ve never tried, but if you want to try 10-15 grams fresh, I suggest you do this: grind or cut into very small pieces the fresh mushrooms – you have to facilitate the contact between the water and the meat of the mushroom to extract the psilocybin, then follow the procedure as if they were dry. You will probably need a little more water, the volume of the fresh mushroom is much greater than the dry one, but in theory it should work anyway.
          Finally, if I may, I would like to recommend a food dryer with adjustable temperature, they are very cheap but worth the money. Please let me know if you try, thanks! All the best 🙂

          1. If one freezes the fresh shrooms, it bursts the cell walls, making a potent first run tea.

          2. Hi Ronnie, I had never heard that one before! But have you tried it? I know that fresh mushrooms should not be frozen, they spoil irretrievably. Many times I have advised against freezing freshly picked mushrooms, it is like throwing them in the dustbin; different is to dry them well, put them in a vacuum and then in the freezer, in this case they will live long as Highlanders 🙂

    1. Someone mentioned making a tea ahead of time. Do you think you would be able to make it 24-32 hours ahead of time and it still work when taken later?

      1. Psilocybin is quite resistant, I would say that it lasts without problems for a couple of days or more, if possible keep it cool. Best wishes!

  5. Hi! Wondering if I can still make the shroom tea without honey and ginger? I forgot it on the way to my destination 😢

    1. Hi Lynn! Of course, you just add them for the flavor, it doesn’t change anything for the effect

      1. On the subject of flavoring…
        Can sugar be used to sweeten the tea, or should one stick with the honey?

  6. I do get a lot of nausea. Even with the lemon tek.
    Recently, I had 2 doses of lemon juice + powdered mushroom (Amazonian) soaking in some lemon. I spilled one! I soaked up the soul with a paper towel and rang out the juice.
    I experienced very little nausea.
    I believe it is the chitin in the mushrooms that is the culprit. That, and probably the citric acid as well.
    I was hoping a tea would be friendlier.

    This time I’m going to try in a peppermint tea and filtered. Well be using a different strain (Golden Teachers) and I’m not sure I want to do the 3.5g. Our mushrooms are fresh and dehydrated.
    Do you think freshness had to do with strength?

    1. Hi Jonica, tea is definitely the lightest way of taking, you are right to try adding other ingredients, I believe ginger can help with nausea.
      More than freshness, it is important to properly dry and keep them away from humidity. Think that two weeks ago I took 3.5 grams dry, they had been ground and put in a jar in 2017, 4 years ago, and it was a very strong and demanding experience, I am preparing a report of this journey that really got me upset! I hired them to test them, I thought they were now without strength, instead they beat me, never underestimate them!

  7. I have been gifted with some shrooms. I do not know what region they are from. I have been storing them in a container plactic bag inside a metal altoids tin. for a number of years. After trying ketamine 5 times with a guide recently,I would like to use the shrooms with a friendly person standing by. I am grinding it up in a mortar and pestle. After wards I will have more of the ground left over and I want to store it . Shall I put it back into the tin for a later time. Anything you can add to my inquiry would be great.

    1. Hi Perry, if you want to keep well-dried mushrooms for a long time you need to protect them from humidity and sunlight. In this way they keep well even at room temperature, but it is better if you put them in a cool place. Best wishes!

  8. 2.7G of dried golden teacher powder, a whole lemon (cut into slices), a tablespoon of honey, half cup of water and blitz in the blender for about 30 seconds….quick hit in about 20 mins and short lived (about 4 hours). Great visuals

    1. Hi Jimbo, great recipe, but imho 2.7 grams for 4 hours of duration is not short, under 3 grams it usually lasts less.
      The visuals are the result of two ingredients: mushrooms and you! Same recipe, same quantity and another time you will see little and nothing, I am only telling you so as not to create wrong expectations in those who are reading us. All the best!

      1. Thanks, almost ready to harvest a new batch of GT. dried in a dehydrator for about 6 hrs at 50 degrees then blitzed in a coffee grinder. I use a couple of small silica gel packs (cheap off Amazon) to help keep the powder dry. 0.2g in capsules for micro dose every 3 days…..find it sharpens me, my mind is clear and reaction time quicker – works for me 😉

        1. Well done Jimmy, I’ve been microdosing these weeks too, mushrooms are truly magical! Cheers 🙂

      2. That’s so true not even sure if your the author just had to comment on this and say Ty the experience for an individual is different almost everytime I mean sure we all laff and it’s fun but the the teaching moments. It’s up to the person to dicephet but I always try to explain to people that they have to remember always that whatever happens it’s the shrooms always remember it’s the shrooms

        1. Hi Jay, when it comes to experiences with shrooms the truth is always paradoxical, it includes opposites! Yes, it is the magic mushrooms that make you live that experience, but what you live is your stuff. Psychedelic means “manifestation of the psyche” and what you live is always and only your stuff, the mushrooms have given you the eyes to see it but they are not the cause of what you see. Cheers!

  9. Can one incorporate the lemon tek and boiled water extractions together at one time to prepare your psilocybin for a journey?

    1. Hi Dave, I wouldn’t do that because Lemon Tek converts psilocybin to psilocin, but the latter is very unstable and deteriorates easily, I think hot tea water can greatly reduce the psychoactive content. This is a guess, I’ve never tried. Cheers!

  10. Nice to see this.

    I have fairly recently changed from dry icky mouthfuls to tea and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. No nausea. I did think I should eat the soaked mushrooms as well but last time I did about 4g and steeped the tea twice, did not eat the leftover mushrooms. Had just with honey and nothing else. Worked fine though I thought it was less intense than I expected. Or maybe I got less insight than I hoped for, it was good but not amazing. Has to do with so many variables I know. Maybe I am more experienced than I give myself credit for (I’m 59 and have grown them, taken a good number of times, tend to prefer alone with a comfortable space and music I choose).

    What I am wondering is about some loss of ingredients. Many people have told me that tea is weaker somehow (tho some of them said that they boiled the mushrooms for 20 minutes which might do something negative, do you know?). Anyway others also have mentioned that the tea is not as good for reasons that do not seem clear. Also a discussion evolved naming caps as more potent but I can not find any solid research saying that, it has the feeling of myth.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Rebonga, you are right, the type of experience you have depends on so many variables that it cannot be said that Lemon Tek is more visual or gives you more insights than tea or vice versa. The mushroom journey has two ingredients: you and mushrooms, and you count much more than 50%.
      If you do not want to lose any of the ingredients of the mushrooms, then you have to eat them raw as soon as they are harvested, even the best drying causes the loss of some components, even if to a minimal extent. I think that Lemon Tek is the best way to consume mushrooms by making the most of their content. Tea is probably the most digestible way to take them, if you prepare it as I described in the post, the loss of active ingredients is really very small – in this recipe they are not boiled in water over the fire, where you certainly lose some potency, certainly all the psilocin part that’s very thermolabile.
      The most solid research is what you do with direct experience! Until next time, take care

      1. Hi,

        Enjoy your site/comments. I tried lemon tek the a month ago and did not think it came on faster nor was stronger. Just my experience, but I wonder about all the hype…I think in the end I prefer the tea method the best, it’s just palatable and easy.

        I do wonder about microdosing: what dosage do you suggest? Of B+ or GT. And, if you microdose one day, do you have to wait a few days for a real journey/do you have any info about waiting times…my experience is only anecdotal.


        1. Hi Rebonga, thanks for your appreciation! In my experience, Lemon Tek makes it less easy to feel nausea or discomfort mainly in the first phase after taking it, but I agree that it does not enhance or alter the experience. I have no digestive problems and so I eat all the mushroom, but if I have stomach discomfort and nausea I would prefer tea, I don’t do it because it requires more preparation and I am simply lazy, otherwise I confess that I would prefer it too, more pleasant and easier to take.

          Speaking of microdosing, I recommend reading my post on this topic, but maybe you’ve already read it! The variety is not important, they are all Cubensis. A little more or a little less are all around an average value that belongs to this family. Liberty Caps, on the other hand, have very different doses, 5 dry grams of Cube or Liberty Caps are not equivalent, at all! So the 0.2 I suggest is a value for any variety of Cubensis, not others. 0.2 grams of Psilocybe Semilanceata would be a psychoactive dose, in this case it would be forbidden to drive motorized vehicles because it’s really dangerous.

          Between microdose and macrodose the same number of days of the microdosing cycle – 3 days or 72 hours between taking. I am pleased to recommend you my The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide which you can see on amazon, I am sure you would appreciate it.
          Always all the best 🙂

  11. I’ll be embarking on my first mushroom trip in probably a half dozen years tonight and was looking around for a good tea recipe. Stumbled on this and was sold when I saw the positive vibes in the comments. Great post, and thought I would share something we used to do. A friend of mine could not handle the taste of mushrooms at all and we stumbled upon the idea of grinding them into powder and putting them into a small amount of Slurpee from 7-11. Masked the taste nearly completely, but from experience, don’t put it in too much slurpee as it takes a long time to drink due to how cold it is and the sugar high/crash from too much can affect you when you begin to peak. If you got the smallest size available that is the most I would mix the powder with, maybe even less. Happy New Year and safe journeys to all. 🙂

    1. Hello Muse, thanks for the appreciation and for the best wishes, Happy New Year to you too!
      Here where I live there is no 7-11 and that’s why I don’t know what Slurpee is, but I hope your advice can be useful to someone. All the best!

  12. Oh lord, you don’t know what a slurped is?! It’s only the best thing ever. Haha. Frozen, blue or red liquid (blue raspberry or cherry flavors), that is mixed while freezing so it turns into a slush. All the sweetness and tongue staining you could ever want, followed by severe brainfreeze.

  13. Thanks for the tea recipe, I will be trying that method tonight!

    Here is my simple method for chocolate shrooms: Grind 3 grams in a coffee grinder to a fine powder. Melt 2.5 tablespoons of dark chocolate chippets and then mix together and form it into a ball and let cool. Wrap in tinfoil and always store these chocolates in bottles with child-proof caps in the back of the refrigerator. Very palatable and effective.

    1. Thanks David, your mushroom chocolates recipe is very simple and very attractive, great idea to protect it from gluttonous children 😀

    2. Hi Dave, I’m an experienced chocolatier of the Green variety 😉 but not made with shroom powder. What sort of ratios do you use? The same as a tea dose? …… something like 3G per chocolate?

  14. I have always chopped ’em and eaten them with peanut m&ms. I’ve always taken 3.5g to myself in this way, and I enjoy the outcome. No nausea, just spiritual cleansing.
    I’m preparing a tea to split with a friend, and I currently only have 3.5gs to use.
    Do you think I will be able to expects as rich of an experience given I’m taking half of my usual dose? I dunno how it works. Is it potency or length that is changed with quantity? Or both?
    You seem like a safe person to ask.

    1. Hi Hayden, expect less intensity and shorter duration of the experience. The absorption of the active ingredient with tea is faster, it could give you the impression that it is more intense than taking half the usual dose, in fact it could happen, but in this case the duration will be even shorter. Please let us know how it goes! Have a nice time 🙂

  15. How does the mushroom tea store over time if sealed in a refrigerator with a preservative such as citric acid. Is there a a health risk of drinking this tea day a month after it’s been made. With the citric acid and closed environment I see it as a proper way to store my tea.

    1. Hi Caleb, I don’t see any problems keeping psilocybin tea in the fridge, I’ve never tried but maybe it works well to make ice cubes, it certainly lengthens the storage times.
      Instead I would not use citric acid, the acid converts psilocybin into psilocin, while the former is stable and resistant, the latter degrades very easily, to the detriment of tea storage.
      If you want to keep mushrooms for a long time in a form that makes them easier to eat, think instead of honey, a jar and a teaspoon and you can take it wherever and whenever you want! Cheers 🙂

  16. 3.5 g sounds like a lot for just one person. I know that much just straight up eaten would be…
    Also you mentioned for the beginners “do not exceed the gram and a half limit” – what do you mean by this? Not referenced anywhere else in the article…

    1. You’re right Chris, but I’ve written so many articles dedicated to beginners – even a whole book – that seemed enough to me … but it’s never enough! I will be editing the post to give more evidence to the recommendation for those with little or no psychedelic experience! Thank you!

      1. Do you have an estimate of what % of effect you get when moving from whole shrooms to tea?
        For example, would these 2 experiences be roughly the same intensity?
        3.5 grams eaten = 2.7 g tea … ??

        1. I don’t know, it is difficult to estimate such precise data for such a subjective perception. If you take 3 grams several times, you will see that they will never be so comparable, it happened to me to perceive 3.5 grams stronger than 5 grams, same context and same mushroom.

      2. I’m sorry for digging deeper, but the article still doesn’t explain or even mention in passing what that elusive “gram and a half limit” is supposed to be about. Imho the article would benefit from an explanatory link or a brief explanation of what that gram and a half limit is (I suppose “gram and a half” refers to 1.5 g of dried mushrooms, but I’ve never heard of that as a particular “limit” of any kind, much less “THE” famous limit that every reader is somehow supposed to already know about).

        1. Hi Cornelius, thanks for writing! The limit of one and a half grams refers only to those who try mushrooms for the first time. Until you discover your sensitivity it is advisable not to exceed this amount. Obviously I am referring to well dried psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, as I write about them throughout the post. I reiterate the importance of not exaggerating the first few times – never exaggerating in general – because in this historical period more and more people have problems even with Cannabis, many readers have reported me problems with mushrooms with modest quantities, for example two grams. If you read other blog articles you can find insights that I think you will find interesting. All the best 🙂

          1. Thanks for the explanation! I’m by no means a “pro”, but I’ve been enjoying the occasional trip for twenty years and I had never heard of that limit. I guess I’m more of an “eat them all now, read up on it later” kind of person. But yeah, not everyone is as tolerant or resilient (I always had the confidence because virtually my whole family has a strong affinity for psychedelics).

          2. Great, you are lucky to have that family! In my youth I always took the same approach as you, first try and then learn, but now mushrooms and psychedelics are more accessible to more people, the problems potentially grow accordingly, so I do what I can to support the information on these wonders of nature. Have a nice time 🙂

      3. Hi, thank you for this excellent post. I’m planning to enjoy some tea with my girlfriend. It will be her first experience with shrooms and the last time I tripped was 20 years ago so I’m like a newbie too. Would you say that the recipe you provided, which calls for 3.5 grams of shrooms, would be good for us to share if made exactly as the recipe is written? Or would you recommend that we modify to 3 grams (and keep the water at 2 cups) in order to not exceed the recommended 1.5 grams per person for beginners?

        1. Hi Syl!!! You are right to be cautious, but more than quantity take good care of set & setting, definitely more influential than the difference of a possible half gram more. I don’t know if you’ve read my book, in case you would know about the importance of music, I have compiled playlists specifically for mushroom experiences and send them to my readers; music is essential to give maximum confidence and ensure a trip full of beautiful emotions and inspirations. Therefore, I would tell you to keep the same amounts given in the post, at the limit you will drink a sip more of her. Let me know. All the best 🙂

    2. I had no previous experience with psychedelics or any recreational substances I recently took 3.5g raw my first trip and it was awesome for me! I will admit my experience may have been scary for some people lol. I had moments where the mushroom wave would hit me and my diaphragm and abdominal muscles would contract forcing me to exhale while time slowed. I thought it was amazing because it was like I was feeling the universe’s gravitational waves hit my body and I would bodysurf them as I explored these frozen moments in time like I was the flash lol. I never felt scared or unsafe, but I am an adventurous soul. It was an overall beautiful experience and the “ego death” effects of the psychedelic are extremely therapeutic.

      I took another 3.5 raw for my second trip where I didn’t experience the contracting muscles and it was somewhat of a disappointment for me, but it may have also been because it was only 2 weeks apart. I’ve read 3 weeks or more is best since our bodies quickly build up tolerance to psilocybin.

      Just as to not scare anyone away from the experience, Ego Death refers to the experience during a trip where your ego melts away and allows you to experience and deal with any personal issues you choose to focus on. My ego death was a vision of me encased in a stone armor and one by one pieces of the armor began falling away as I drifted and let myself be more vulnerable to the experience.

      1. Two weeks between one experience and another are more than enough, it is not a question of tolerance, but rather that each experience is different even with the same quantity.
        About Ego Death I wrote a post that I recommend you read. All the best!

    1. Hi Ally, to take 5 grams dry I sincerely prefer Lemon Tek, while tea is a good way to make raw mushrooms more digestible. I have tried chocolate with mushrooms on a couple of occasions, it is good and keeps well for a long time, which makes a nice pair with well dried mushrooms in honey, but I prefer not to add anything else to the mushrooms, being on an empty stomach is safer. May the mushroom protect you, have a good trip!

  17. Hi, we’re going for our first trip! Using 2g of dried shroom and making tea with lemon & ginger infusion. How much water should we use? Less than your recipe suggests? Thanks

    1. Hi Ali, you can use the same water, the extraction will be a little more effective. Have a good journey!

  18. I have a really weird question but is it normal for me to feel nothing until I actually take 7g? I really don’t mean to show off in any way, I started trying out shrooms about a month ago and started low with 1g. As I gradually upped the dosage 1g at a time realizing I don’t feel any different then normal I stopped at 7g when I started feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I’m not tripping in any way or seeing anything like wavy patterns like everyone is saying. Could it be that I have a ability to resist psilocybin? I ate em raw and in tea on empty stomach.

    1. Hi Mathieu, before any answer I have to ask you two questions:
      are you talking about fresh or dry grams? From what you write I cannot assume that they are dry, in fact in the end you write about fresh mushrooms.
      How many days pass between one experience and another? If you increase by 1 gram at a time, and in a month you have reached 7 grams, there is immediately a problem of excessive frequency, tolerance acts on the effect you perceive. Let me know so I can answer, I hope I can!

  19. Hi!

    I have 20 shrooms tablets with me, I guess 10 tablets = 5grams ( said the dealer )

    Tomorrow my girlfriend and I will try shroom tea for the first time, so we have to prepare 2 cups of tea.
    I had 2 methods on my mind but was not sure which is the best solution.

    1) Separate cups
    I will put 5 tablets each in a cup by pouring the powder out from the capsule.
    Then pour hot water over each cup and let it brew for 10 – 20 minutes.
    So I will have 5 tablets worth of shroom in each cup.
    We will use 10 tablets in total.

    2) Same pot
    I will put 5 tablets in the pot with 2 cups worth of water and brew it for 10 – 20 minutes.
    Then will pour it out into 2 cups.
    So will be both cups have a shroom worth of 5 tablets?
    Or be it will split into 2.5 tablets each?

    I am trying to understand if brewing in a pot saves more rather than brewing separate cups.
    Compare to oral ingestion, you ate 3grams and you will feel 3grams’ effect.
    But splitting 3grams into 2 cups, will you feel 1.5grams’ effect or still 3grams full effect?

    1. Hi Jeremy, this question looks like a quiz! 😀
      If you have 100 of active ingredient and you divide it into several cups, it will always be 100 in total, but divided into several cups!
      Put another way: 5 grams divided into two cups equals 2.5 grams for each cup.
      Your methods are a bit too simplified, the steps I describe in the post are for extracting as much psilocybin as possible without damaging it excessively. If you do as you say, you will lose some psilocybin and your tea will be a little lighter than it would be if you did it as I wrote, with the same amount of mushrooms of course.
      Finally: if this is the first time ever that you will try mushrooms, the quantities you have in mind seem a bit dangerous to me, maybe you should reduce them; if you have experience it’s fine, but always remember set & setting! All the best

  20. i have empty cheesecloth tea bags. can i fill the tea bag with the srooms groundup that way they stay filtered?

    1. Yes of course, then squeeze them to extract as much as possible. Good idea thanks Dianne

  21. The ultimate tea for anyone who loves Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes, iced or hot!

    3.5g-7g Dried Shrooms shredded into tiny pieces

    Some sort of mesh infuser or reusable tea bag small enough to fit in mug of choice

    6-8 bags of Chai Tea

    Flavored Creamer ( French Vanilla works best)

    Boil water, let cool for 20-30 seconds and pour into mug, drop tea infuser or tea bag full of shrooms into mug, along with 3 to 4 chai tea bags and let sit for 20 minutes. Remove Chai tea bags, then remove shrooms and squeeze any remaining liquid into tea. Add flavored creamer to taste, then optionally add ice. Note however that this will water it down considerably and make it less delicious. Then sip (or chug) tea.

    You can repeat the process a second time, I prefer to do this after around 6 hours, when the trip begins to subside. This second cup won’t have nearly the psychedelic effects of the first cup, but will make for a nice, mellow comedown after an intense trip!

  22. I recommend using guayusa instead of the regular tea, ti is MAOI, it strenghtens everything 🙂

    1. Hello Annalemma! I would reserve the use of this special tea only for those who have experience and are looking for an intense experience, with all the associated risks. I personally prefer to increase the amount of mushrooms instead of adding “steroids”.
      If I find myself in difficulty with a high dose of mushrooms I trust them without a doubt, if on the other hand there was a MAOI in addition to mushrooms, I think I would be afraid. Why upgrade them? I know that mushrooms can be very potent without any additions, see my experience with 20 grams. Thanks, all the best!

  23. This by far is the most intelligent and informative thread I’ve ever ran into. You all rock! I appreciate all of you!

  24. Hi. Thanks for all the great advice.
    I used a coffee grinder to turn my dried mushrooms into a fine powder.
    After reading all of the above, I’m thinking it would be good to make tea and avoid ingesting the flesh of the mushroom (to avoid nausea).
    Obviously the flesh of the mushroom in my case is in powder form so is presumably now difficult to sieve off.
    I wondered about using a coffee filter paper (putting the powder in the paper as you would with coffee, and pouring almost boiling water through the paper into a cup below…. Perhaps repeating two or three times to get as much out of the powder as possible).
    Do you think that would work?
    Or is there another/better way to make tea from finely ground powder and still avoid ingesting the powder itself?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Cat! No, the mushroom powder should be left to infuse in water, then you can filter it, do not put the powder in the filter and then pour over the hot water, otherwise the extraction of the psychoactive principle will not work as it should. The paper filter for coffee is fine, compared to a fine metal or plastic filter it will be less easy to recover the flesh of the mushroom to be put back in the water for the second step, if necessary do a test and see if you are comfortable. To waste as little as possible, remember to squeeze out the powder. Good luck 🙂

      1. Hey. Thanks so much for the quick reply.
        OK good. I’ll be sure to let the powder infuse in the water before filtering it.
        Just to check, are you saying the coffee filter paper is better or worse then a fine metal or plastic filter? If the alternatives are better, could you perhaps include a photo or a link to show me what you have in mind? Thanks so much once again.

        1. Hi Cat, both are fine, but the rigid filter, made of plastic or fine-meshed metal, makes it easier to peel off the filtered mushroom powder to put it back in hot water for a second time. This is my personal preference, but the paper coffee filter works just the same

  25. Hi DM! I’m taking 5g of dried ms tomorrow morning (in about 10 hours). I’m still undecided as to how to take them. I really dont feel like chewing 5g of ms. I get nausea only thinking about it. The most I’ve taken like that is about 4g. 1st time taking 5g and really wanting to go deep and have a profund spiritual experience. Of course it will go how it’s meat to go but that is the intention I’m going into it with. What is your recommendation? I already ground them up in a coffee grinder but have some whole ones too if I chose to go that route. The lemon tea scares me because I have a very sensitive digestive system and I’m scared of a bad case of gastritis due to the acidity of the lemon. So to make the most out of the experience do you recommend the tea or chew them down🙃? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi San! You were right to tell me that lemon could give you problems, maybe you know that lemon is my favorite! If you want the essence of mushrooms without the part to digest, then tea is a great option. 5 grams is an important dose, sip slowly if you don’t want the effect to go up so quickly, always remember set & setting. All the best!

      1. Hi DM, so I ended up doing it a little different than suggested here. I actually just mixed the ground Ms in honey and drank tea on the side since I didn’t want to lose the effect of ms or eat the whole. The experience was intense and overwhelming but not what I would call transcendental. I got so many images and sequences but nothing I could make sense of. Its like whenever I became aware I was in a certain “place”, realm, whatever it was, it would fade quickly and I could not grasp it. Also a lot of emotional overwhelm. Do you think in order to have a deeper or more connected or transcendental experience I need to increase the dose?

        Another question. After this dose as well as the 4 grams I got a horrible headache, it’s bad and intense. I only seem to get it with higher doses. Do you know why this could be and do you have any recommendations?

        Thank you so much!!!!!!

        1. I have exactly the same experience as San J, so can hardly wait for the response! Happy to have found this spot!

          1. Hi Anne! If I write to you, I believe that you will receive an email notifying you of my response. Here I am, I replied to San, let me know if you found what you were looking for, if not please let me know, I am here 🙂

        2. Welcome back San, this time your questions are more difficult, thank goodness there are only two 😀
          The first question is about the effect, but I would say better the direction of the experience, while the second is about how to avoid headaches.
          How to orient the journey with mushrooms in the desired direction is the subject of my next book, there is as much to say as you can imagine, but I try to give you a short and useful answer: read my post on the ceremonial use of mushrooms.
          The ceremony is not a new age ritual, it is instead a way to speak to your unconscious through the use of symbols and emotions! If you go to a rave party it is difficult to have a mystical experience, while a ceremonial setting supports you, as is sitting in the shade of a beautiful tree in the middle of nature.
          Read my post on the ceremony – and maybe even my book on mushrooms, there is a 40-page chapter on the ceremony! – and if you want to let me know, write me here or by email.

          The headache, what a nuisance, also happens to those who have taken ayahuasca, a shaman told me that to reduce or avoid that pain it is necessary to drink a lot of water. The best way to hydrate the body is to drink warm water, to be sipped slowly, in this way you help cleanse the body; cold water is not good for hydrating the body, I’m afraid it could even make the headache worse.
          I also know that some breathing techniques are very effective in relieving headaches, do a search online, I have seen that there are several effective systems without using medicines, before taking a pill I would try to solve it naturally. If you try please let me know, if it is useful it is best to share with everyone who might benefit from it. Take care of yourself 🙂

          1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will read your post on ceremonial use of mushrooms. I have enjoyed very much the ceremonial aspect of ayahuasca the few times I’ve done it. Interestingly I have had a very similar experience with ayahuasca as with the mushrooms, without the headache. I still feel a deep calling to try again. I feel there must be something I need to break through. Also will look for your book to buy it. Thank you so much🥰

  26. Hey, hello and thank you for this great blog and the community you are creating with it.
    I have a big question I hope you can answer:
    I took 10 magic shrooms the other day, expecting to have this great trip, and NOTHING happened. Other than exhaustion and a bit of nausea. I made a tea very similar to your recipe, just no lemon. Drank on a near-empty stomach AND ate most of the shrooms as well. My friend joked with me that I was already “awakened” by comparing my experience to the story of Ram Dass and Maharaji (for whoever is curious: I wish…
    Yes, 100% sure they were the magic ones and no, I’m far from being “already there – awakened”. I may be very sensitive, very connected to Nature, very spiritual, and very weird, but not awakened for sure!
    What do you think happened???? I’m so confused and frustrated. Literally nothing happened. Niente. It was just over 2g of dry shrooms picked on 3 different locations not long ago. And it was like a “first time” after a long 3 decades break. Any insights or explanations please?…. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi om! I also tell the story of Richard Alpert and Neem Karoli Baba in my second book, an English translation is ready soon, I am sure you would like to know in other words why LSD did not affect Maharaji, his explanation – mind turned to God – is difficult for a Westerner to understand, mine instead was an insight during a mushroom trip and meditation on a statement by Carl Gustav Jung.

      But the explanation of what did NOT happen to you is much simpler, very practical and not very esoteric unfortunately, and is the combination of two situations.
      The first is that 2 dry grams may be few in relation to your sensitivity, I know more than one person who 3.5 dry grams have little effect on him, while the second has to do with storage, they almost certainly were not dried perfectly-or stored poorly-and the psychoactive principle is gone.
      How many times have people written to me about your same problem, and always the cause is that the mushrooms were not dry as crackers, so they had a small amount of moisture enough to deteriorate psilocin and psilocybin.
      There can’t be any other reason, can there? 😀

  27. Used a dull knife to hack and then weed grinder for a 3.6 and soaked in a lemon from the tree for 45 mins or so then for 16 hours in the fridge in jamica. Going to pass the jar to a few people and watch fireworks tonight

    1. A knife and a grinder are fine for shredding the mushrooms, but I don’t know if it’s okay to leave the mushrooms in the lemon for that long. Some people and you with a jar that contains 3.6 grams? For the fireworks perhaps it would take a jar each 😀

  28. Hi! I’d like to make something out of dry mushrooms that keeps longer (a few months) and has a nice taste, for microdosing purposes.
    Could I grind them into powder and put in a jar of honey? What is your recommendation for a microdose in mg? Do you follow any protocol?

    Also, have you ever tried to make a tincture with alcohol?


    1. Hi Ari, to improve the flavor of dried mushrooms and preserve them for a long time you have at least two options, honey and chocolate. But first a few words about microdosing. I follow the Fadiman protocol, which is a dose of dry mushroom of about 0.2 to 0.3 grams on an empty stomach every 72 hours. This amount of dry mushroom corresponds to about 1 milligram of active ingredient.
      Using honey or chocolate is simple, just mix finely ground dry mushroom inside a defined amount of one or the other, but you have to be careful to organize yourself so that it is not complicated to take the precise amount of the microdose of mushroom each time.
      With chocolate perhaps it is easier if you make squares that contain exactly 0.2 grams of mushroom, while for honey you can make the dose with a teaspoon, but you have to do some calculations first-how much honey the spoon contains and how much mushroom is in that amount of honey.
      In my opinion the easiest solution is to make capsules, then chocolate and finally honey, see what you prefer, all are good for good preservation of dried mushrooms.
      No, never tried to make tincture, which is a very interesting solution but I don’t know in practice. Cheers 🙂

  29. You say “never ever exceed 1.5 grams” and then your next step is to get 3.5 grams so just some confusion there

    1. Hi Lucas, a dry gram and a half refers to the title of the paragraph, ie “the first time”. If you are taking mushrooms for the first time, you should never exceed this amount, whatever the method of consumption. The recipe is for a psychonaut who already has experience! Thanks for writing 🙂

      1. I’m experimenting on microdosing and have found that making a strong tea, or rather adding hot water to chopped dry mushrooms, and using the tea to make gummy bears is a perfect method. I use a french press and end up with flesh free liquid. The size of the gummy bears is a great way to control the dosing or rather consumption and they easily store in the freezer for long periods of time. To be clear. This is not with the intent of getting “high” it is microdosing …makes me feel lighter, brighter, and an overall relaxed feeling.

        1. Hi Robin, I really enjoy the idea of making gummy bears for microdosing, a nice way instead of the usual capsule! I don’t know how to make these gummies, if you want to tell it I think many will appreciate it.
          I think the tea recipe you find in my post is the perfect base for your preparation, as it allows the best possible extraction of all the active ingredient, if you then use a special press it sounds just ideal.
          But did you read my post on microdosing? If so, let me know how it looks, thanks! Cheers 🙂

  30. Hi. Lots of happy reading throughout the recipe and the comments! Thanks for that.

    I’m in my summerhouse by myself and plan to trip tomorrow. I’ve done it twice with dried shrooms. Unsure about dose – first time I had a blast, giggly, visuals, crying, you name it. Second time I took 20 tiny liberty caps and we were feeling it a bit but decided to take 20 more 30-60 mins later. They were tiny so couldn’t have been more than 1,5-2 g total. It was more of a spiritual/relaxed session than the first, still a great time.

    I’d like to try this tea method as I have some digestive issues with Crohn’s although it hasn’t been a problem (or lemon tek but leaning towards tea). I have 65 small caps with me which would probably amount to more than the last trip, so maybe 2 g or a bit more. I’m thinking 65 would be a good number since some potency might be lost making the tea, and the last trip was mild but enjoyable. Thoughts on the number and the tea method? Cheers, all the best.

    1. Hi Martin, these days many people write to me telling me about Liberty Cap, what a coincidence, in fact the right season has not yet arrived! Semilanceata contain a lot of psilocybin and almost no psilocin, this makes me think that in tea they will lose very little potency because psilocybin is thermostable, water temperature should not harm the active ingredient. In Cubensis, on the other hand, half of the principle is psilocin and it is this one that suffers most from drying first and then contact with boiling water.

      I know little about these mushrooms, but I do know that they are counted instead of weighed, and as far as I know the 60 or so mushrooms you want to take is a potent but not excessive dose (excessive, for most people, is exceeding 100 pieces).
      The tea do it following the recipe and recommendations, however I remind you to take even more care of set & setting, if you have a comfortable space in nature it is ideal to use it! Prepare a music playlist as a safety net in case there are moments of trouble, but the sounds of nature are usually enough entertainment for the duration of the journey. Let us know, all the best!

      1. Hi again Tripson.
        (I wrote to you on the 27th July 2022 in case my reply doesn’t show up properly)

        I asked for advice about tea and the quantity of liberty caps for my trip in my summer house.
        Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time with the tea from 65 caps!
        Your reply was much appreciated and sorry for getting back to you so late.

        I tried the tea method again with my two friends this weekend, same place and settings as last time, but with 60 caps and it was slightly less intense. But I had company this time which could be a factor. Anyways, had a super awesome time.

        Probably gonna up the dose for next time.
        All the best and thank you!

        1. Dear Martin, what a pleasure to read your good news, you were very kind to tell how it went. Hugs!

  31. Hey man, this is a wonderful post to find on the internet!

    I was invited to a day of river tubing…

    I immediately thought… Huh.. that would be fun on shrooms!

    I’m starting with a half dose. I will be with a brand new friend group so I want to stay on the safer side… Plus I can just drink more if the vibes are right!

    Anyways.. I was just about to close this tab before I realize I should leave behind a comment!

    1. Hi Mark, it’s an intriguing but bold idea! Many use microdosing in extreme sporting endeavors, I wrote about this in my post on microdosing, if you check it out I’m sure you’ll be interested. I wish you all the best

  32. Couple of things, as I am preparing for my first experience.
    1) What about eating beforehand. Most sources seem to discourage that due to the nausea (which you mentioned does Not have to happen in the first place), saying it is best to avoid eating that day. However, I do like to eat a nice meal and I generally feel unhappy when I’m hungry – so I wondered, wouldn’t being hungry negatively affect my experience? Will the hunger stop when I start to feel it? Or should I just eat something (maybe something light on the stomach, such as a salad)
    2) You kind of talk about this, but I am still unsure. Is the amount I put in the tea the same amount (of dried mushrooms) I would consume otherwise? E.g. I would like to eat 1 g of dried mushrooms for the first time (I’d rather take it easy and repeat the process next time with more, than have too much for the first trip). Does this mean I should make a tea out of 1 g of dried mushrooms? I know this is a basic question but I just want to get this right.
    By the way I am glad that I found your resources, they are written in a clear and engaging way, thank you

    1. Hi Jarek, thanks for the appreciation! I recommend my book on mushrooms, of course, I am sure you would appreciate it even more.
      1) Eat light, for example some rice and vegetables seasoned with a little EVO oil, together with two soft-boiled eggs, after 3 hours your stomach will be empty but you will not be hungry, you will be in the best condition to travel without suffering. Consider that if you will be hungry during the experience, you can eat something without problems, I recommend dried fruit, the ideal are nuts, light and nutritious, or fresh fruit, but consider that if it is very sugary you may have a slight reduction in the intensity of the experience. Under effect, fresh fruit is delicious!
      2) If it’s your first time and you’re making tea, I’d like to give you a personalized tip: Use 1.5 grams dry-it’s still a suitable dose for beginners-and follow the instructions for making tea. When it is ready, sip it slowly during 20-30 minutes, or drink half of it in the first 10 minutes, then wait another 10 minutes and start drinking the remaining in another 10 minutes. This way you can feel the effect go up and dose the amount you drink so that you always feel comfortable. You’ll see that you’ll be fine if you do that, and in any case I know you’ll pay close attention to the set & setting, right?
      Let me know, either here or privately via email. Best of luck!

      1. Thank you so much! You are so knowledgeable this is unreal! Did not know if I should expect a response, and here you are giving me personalized tips! Thank you , I will make sure to share with you once I’ve had my first experience!
        PS MY tip to you – set up (if you haven’t already) a BuyMeACoffee page – this way people, including myself, may show you their gratitude for your content and support (and if you already have one, please share it here)

        1. Thanks Jarek, I always respond to everyone with great pleasure, mushrooms have helped me so much that I want to return the courtesy by helping them to have a good relationship with people 🙂 at least the first contacts!
          I don’t know this BuyMeACoffee page, thanks for the tip! If you have more questions, please write to me here or privately.
          I wish you all the best

  33. Hey, will any coffee grinder so I have a 200 pound coffee grinder but only ever used it for coffee beans it will be ok for mushrooms right? It’s an electric one

    1. Hi Neo, I wonder what a 200-pound coffee grinder looks like! Either way it’s okay if it’s easy enough to clean, if you can remove the mushroom dust you’ve ground, then your next coffee won’t be psychoactive! 😀
      Go easy, with a small brush you can clean everything. All the best!

  34. Hello all –

    Reading through the comments but want to ask if there’s conversation about personal preparation beforehand to enhance the experience aside from the focus on amounts and process – How does one prepare with diet/fasting or rest to make the experience impactful and rewarding… Does certain food or drink alter the potential of the mushies (diary)?As well, consider mental health in making the leap with Psilocybin. Neurodiversity can be triggering by the experience and I do not recommend this for everyone. Especially people with a history of neurodivergence in their family or people who identify as neurodivergent. In any case, it’s always a great idea to have things available that make you comfortable on hand and a sober safekeeper to help guide the experience. Take the trust fall respectfully and joyfully! Share your thoughts please, great page and community!

    1. Hi! Thank you for writing, you are giving me the opportunity to tell you that my second book is coming out soon in English, which is dedicated to the preparation and integration of the psychedelic experience, I wrote it just to answer all your questions. Message me at my e-mail address if you want me to let you know as soon as I publish it. It will be ready in a few weeks, I am finishing the editing in these days.
      All the best!

    2. I am super-curious to read an elaboration. I sense you are eluding to having some sort of ritual or purpose-driven approach. I generally agree. I am neurodiverse. Most of the time, I hardly “trip” in a way that is truly distinguishable from what I am capable of experiencing without substances. It enhances things, but it is definitely not adverse. If anything, I wish for more intensity sometimes.

      1. Hi Erin! What elaboration would you like to read? And what do you mean that I “elude” a ritual or purpose-driven approach? I’ve actually written dozens of pages on the importance of ritual, here on the blog and in my books….
        Can you help me understand how it is that you naturally experience what you might experience with psychoactive substances? This statement leaves me surprised, maybe I didn’t understand it right or maybe I need better explanations. If you will let me know, thank you!

  35. Would you think 7 grams of mushrooms for 5 people would be enough for tame but good time? I’m planning on making tea using 4 cups of water.

    1. If you double the amounts of mushrooms and water, that’s fine, but I don’t know about the sensitivity and experience of the participants, in any case the equivalent of almost a gram and a half each should not cause any problems for anyone

  36. Firstly what a fantastic educational thread!

    I have recently conducted a little research on psilocybin and alcohol use disorder/addiction. A recent study gave participants 0.3-0.4mg/kg of psilocybin. (I can only presume this was in its pure form and not dried mushroom weight). Delivered in 2 sessions four weeks apart, the reduction of alcohol consumption was significantly reduced in the treatment group at the 12-month follow-up.

    Therefore for someone to recreate this using mushrooms with a 1% psilocybin content, say liberty caps, would I be correct in presuming that for a 70kg person, a dose of 21mg-28mg would be required?

    To achieve this dose with mushrooms @1%, they need to take 2.1g-2.8g?

    The confusion lies with whether this is fresh or dry mushroom weight.

    I believe this dose was given for the participants to have a spiritual experience and process emotions/egos that lead them to alcohol or other addictions.

    I have also read about similar benefits for addiction using micro-dosing. To your knowledge, what are the preferred methods, and could a couple of high doses one month apart be used in conjunction with micro-dosing?

    1. Hi Berti, thank you for your appreciation, I am glad you found the information and answers in this blog useful and interesting! If you want to go into the details of how to do it I strongly recommend my book, you will certainly find all the answers and more, however I would like to tell you something specific since you are talking to me about Psilocybe Semilanceata, also known as Liberty Cap – in my book instead I deal with Cubensis, much more popular and known due to the possibility to grow them at home.
      I advise you not to start with such precise scientific measurements that refer to the dosage of active ingredient, typically pharmaceutical grade Psilocybin, always reason in “mushrooms,” which is what you may have in hand.
      The first thing to know is that Liberty Cap and Cubensis are both psilocybin mushrooms but of different characteristics and potencies, so the same dry weight produces very different effects! In particular, the doses you write about are “correct” (depending on your sensitivity but on average they are fit for purpose) if it is Cubensis, but they are absolutely excessive (very high) if it is Liberty Cap.
      The latter are counted, I do not know and have never seen conversion tables between Liberty Cap and Cubensis, the former are counted and the latter are weighed.
      A light but suitable dose for beginners for Liberty Cap is between 20 and 30 specimens at most, a dose also suitable for the kind of use you seem to me to have in mind, thus helping with alcohol addiction.
      The same dose suitable for this work, but using Cubensis, is around 2 dry grams, maximum 2.5, which are the amounts you write about-so correct values for Cubensis and not for Semilanceata.

      But more than any dose you do the work with set & setting, to which I add the fundamental importance of a proper soundtrack, having selected music is the most important thing, it opens portals for you inside which you can access many inner resources.
      On this topic I will soon publish the second book also in English, dedicated to the preparation and integration of the psychedelic experience.
      If you want, let me know how it goes, I wish you all the best!

      1. Thank you so much for the thorough and very informative advice.

        You have just sold me your book!! I’ve just ordered the UK kindle version 😊

  37. Hi, just wondering if you know a dose for psilocybe semilanceata, I have 2.5g dried and looking to go on another hunt soon but I’m only looking for a strong dose for both me and my other half. If you know of this mushroom how much will I need to dose for a level 3 to 4 trip?

    Great information by the way, I have always made tea with my shrooms but this is first time I’m going to powder them hopefully to store for a little while. How long can I store them for and what’s the best way to prepare them to be stored. Thanks in advance 👍

    1. Hi Martyn, I know little or nothing about Liberty Cap, they only grow in the wild and where I live it’s not easy to find them, but I do know that they are usually counted, 20-30 for a dose that you can feel but not excessive, 50-60 for an intense dose, over 100 for extreme doses; I haven’t experimented personally but I have read and put together the information I have found. I do not know why they are not weighed, perhaps because walking in the mountains with a precision digital scale is not appropriate, how do you explain it if they check you? In any case I don’t know of any conversion tables between Cubensis and Semilanceata weights, but I do know for sure that for the same dry weight Semilanceata are much stronger, at least two, three or more times stronger than Cubensis! For example 1 dry gram of Liberty Cap is worth 3.5 or more of Cubensis. I hope you are clear about this difference.

      I don’t know your experience with mushrooms, I hope you are careful, always take care of set & setting!
      Storage: dry them well with a food dryer, so they are brittle as crackers, as soon as you try to bend them they break immediately, and DO NOT grind them, just put them in a container (a glass jar with a screw cap) that protects them from moisture, the great enemy of psilocybin. Put them away from light, and if possible in a cool place. Ideally, vacuum-pack them and then put them in the freezer, but only if they are well dried, fresh should NOT be frozen, it would be like throwing them away. I hope everything is clear, good luck!

      1. Hi I recently picked 30-40 liberty caps and put them in some ramen… W/O any effect. Are the mushrooms bad since its freezing at nights? Also does psilocybin have any other enemies other than heat? I.E. garlic, onions, or pepper?

        1. Hi Malachi, what a pity, the first thing I think of in these cases is simple: surely they were Liberty Cap? Many times in my FB group they show pictures and ask if they are Liberty Cap, most of the time they are not, so many mushrooms look like them.

          You are right, frozen magic mushrooms are ruined, but if they are frozen the flesh is also ruined and you should easily notice, I would rule out that night frosts could have ruined mushrooms growing in meadows. Rather the ramen may have had an effect, not so much because of the heat – psilocybin resists the heat of hot water quite well – but mainly because you diluted the small amount of psilocybin in a fair amount of nutritious food. Mushrooms should be taken on an empty stomach, not only to avoid nausea, but also to facilitate absorption of the active ingredient.
          I can’t tell you that this is definitely the case, I’m just speculating, but I suggest you use more ‘orthodox’ methods of intake 😀
          Best wishes for everything

  38. Hello there,
    I haven’t done the fantastic fungi in about 20 years and I never knew what type they were back then. But I recently came across some fungus and I have two varieties. 2g of each and it’s dried. They call one variety Ecuadorian and the other Z-Strain. Have you ever heard of those? And would you know if they would be suitable for tea making? I hear that 2g is enough for one dose on each of those types, so I plan on trying one then the other at a later time. It’s been fascinating reading so far and I look forward to your reply. =-)

    1. Hi Rhiannon, those mushrooms are all Cubensis, so yes, they are suitable for making tea and their potency should be similar to all Cubensis. Whenever you try a new mushroom, regardless of variety, it is best to be cautious with quantities, as well as if it has been a long time-perhaps this is your case-since you last tried them. Let me know, best wishes 🙂

  39. Hey group,
    I grind up the mushrooms in coffee grinder and put the powder in 00 Capules for storage.
    Now when making tea with this mushroom powder – why filter out the powder after making tea.
    Why not just drink the tea with the powder in it after infusing? Is it because of the Nausea?

    1. Hello Zora!The point of the tea is mainly the extraction of the active ingredient, so as to avoid eating the flesh of the mushroom, many don’t like the taste and texture, but especially for so many it is undigestible. Drinking the tea ensures a faster ascent and thus less risk of nausea while you wait for the effect to rise, and at the end of the experience you recover sooner and better.
      If it is not a problem for you to eat the flesh of the mushroom, then it might be better to make a Lemon Tek, which preserves the active ingredient better than tea, the heat stress somewhat reduces the amount of psilocybin in the mushrooms you will use 🙂

  40. Oh mʏ goodness! Impressive aгticle dude! Many thanks,
    However I am going through troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand why I
    cannot join it. Is there anybody ɡetting similar RSЅ problems?
    Anyone tһat knows the answer will you kindⅼy respond?

    1. Hi indigo, thank you for your appreciation, I am glad!
      I don’t have RSS but you gave me the cue to talk to my webmaster, thank you. I hope to implement this feature, please come back and visit my blog and I hope I can accommodate you 🙂

  41. Wow. Incredible article!

    I’d like to go on an 8 gram journey with dried mushrooms like I’ve taken done previously, however I took that amount in the form of chocolate bars which I no longer have access to. In your opinion, what would be the most painless way to consume that large of quantity? Would tea still be the best bet?

    1. Dear Christa, you are going to get a big dose! The tea allows you not to eat the mushroom flesh, but if you want to fully utilize the power of the mushrooms, then Lemon Tek is the best, which consists of finely grinding dried mushrooms, putting them in a glass and covering the amount of powder with freshly squeezed lemon juice; then wait 20 minutes, at which point you may add a little water to dilute the cream that will probably have formed and make it liquid so you can drink it more easily. I think this is the best way.
      8 grams is a lot, I recommend you take care of the setting and maybe have a sitter on hand. Let me know if you want to, thanks! 🙂

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