Fear of Death, the Virus & Magic Mushrooms

The three biggest fears we face during an intense magic mushroom experience are thus: fear of suffering, fear of going crazy, and fear of death.

If you have a respectful approach to dosage and Set & Setting, you won’t run into any danger of dying or insanity. Suffering on the other hand is specifically linked to the resistance one puts up against letting go to the flow of one’s interior voyage. Physical or not, suffering is suffering – and even physical suffering is caused by emotional and mental factors. If you respect Set & Setting, you won’t be consuming anything in the presence of pathological issues, and physiological risks will be nullified.

Death doesn’t matter to me

Nevertheless, fear of death will rear its head sooner or later during one trip or another, with a strength of conviction and intensity which only mushrooms – and psychedelics in general, including ayahuasca – are capable of. In those moments, you’ll confront yourself with the farewell to life, and it won’t be an abstract concept like it is as you’re reading now, but the moment of your death.

Simply thinking about death is very different to the moment of passage itself, the chill in your bones, your breath thinning, and above all the mind experiencing its last moments on this planet. For many, this is a moment of terror; for others it is beautiful. And why? Yet again, the problem is resistance to what is happening which prevents you from welcoming the message the experience is giving you in that moment. The key to living any intense experience well is staying in the here and now with what is. Refusing or running away on the other hand does nothing more than worsen the situation and intensify fear.

Death matters to me

The experience of death in that moment can be the message you need to return to living life fully! As long as death is something that only concerns others – and the absurd truth is that it’s like this for everyone – we relate to life incompletely, because excluding death from life is a handicap in life itself. The proof of this is simple: he who fears death cannot live well (and vice versa).

Therefore, the fungus can make you live through death in order to help you make contact with the inevitable, and this experience has the potential to be of use in that precise moment to determine a turning point in your life. Finding oneself face to face with death is something which causes fundamental change, at least in most cases. But it’s also true that some hasten to hide this event deep down and pretend it’s never happened, only delaying the problem.

Others meanwhile go through this moment without fear. The story after the end of a trip is one of the most important experiences – often the most important in one’s life and definitely the most spiritual. These aren’t my words (though I have experienced it) but the result of research done on almost 2000 people who went through a bad trip. They might have experienced terrible fear, yes, but at a certain point something clicked and the experience became a lesson of great importance. In fact, more than 47% of these people who’d had a bad trip said they would do it again without hesitation.

A transformative experience

I must remind you that we’re talking about magic mushrooms here, which are living things and completely natural rather than simply a chemical substance. Intelligence, and even wisdom, exist in the vegetable world, and so that which you experience during a difficult trip is always guided by a loving and knowing intelligence which might offer you – and never by accident – just what you need. As a matter of fact, some terminally ill subjects had the chance to experience an important dose – around 22mg of psilocybin – and 80% of the subjects returned from the trip (assisted by therapists) without fear of death. An extraordinary figure for such a miraculous result.

Among them, someone maybe had a bad trip, and some certainly will have faced challenging inner battles, but what counts is what you bring back from the trip in the form of a permanent realisation. And the case of these terminally ill patients is solid evidence of the mushrooms’ intelligence, which brought them to understand the most important thing of all: death does not exist.

This is a frequent realisation in those who consume medium to high doses of mushrooms, and above all in people who use the fungus as a path to self-knowledge. It’s well known that in order to have a certain type of experience, one must put a certain type of intention into confronting a magic mushroom trip. See this article to better understand just how Ceremony can be an instrument for communicating in an intentional manner with one’s unconsciousness and orientate an experience. Naturally, you can’t guarantee the trip you want, as the fungus may have other plans – but determination (and willingness) to play along and understand is sure to bring you great results sooner or later.

The virus

We now arrive at the more relevant mortal fear – the one to do with the so-called coronavirus pandemic. I’m not a doctor or virologist, nor am I an epidemiologist. But that doesn’t mean I can’t question things and seek out answers, as any ordinarily curious human being would.

Official data shows great consumption of drugs of all kinds, including a huge increase in pharmaceuticals (together with eating habits unhealthy not just with regards to what people eat, but the quality of what they eat). A while ago now, I was sitting in the sun having a chat with a friend. We were sitting on a bench on the boardwalk, when all of a sudden we realised how many men and women with beer guts were passing by. As they walked before us, we started to observe that they were the majority and age seemed to have little to do with it.

With our own eyes, we saw just how few of us seem to be healthy, both physically and mentally. And if one also considers the various types of pollution we’re exposed to, it’s very understandable how a viral or bacterial disease could find fertile soil here to take root. Now is the moment for a virus which strangely attacks the very lungs – in the following paragraph, you’ll understand why this is strange – as all the while the media spreads astounding facts and figures. But even more astounding still are the ways in which these communications are carried out. A real example of media terrorism.

The rational biological response

According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s ‘5 Rules of Biology’, fear of death manifests in lung disease. All lung tumours are caused by a shock connected to fear of death. Make sure to read this complete informative book to understand this fundamental idea. Now you can understand how this comes full circle. I’m certain that the dead would have been much fewer in number if the fear of death had not been induced so irresponsibly and intentionally by the media. I’m not convinced of the correctness and interpretation of the different numbers, but that is my opinion – meanwhile the way they’re communicating is literally criminal, with the evident objective being to strike fear into the masses. I’m shocked that more people aren’t suspicious. A virus which attacks the lungs… Considering the subconscious and physiological symbolism of these organs, how could the fear of death be anything but greatly amplified?

Psychoneuroendocrine Immunology, nocebo effect, mood and immune system depression, electromagnetic pollution (5G?), adverse reactions to vaccines, chemtrails, brainwashing, the ministry of truth, balanced budget, supermarkets, censorship. These are just a few terms chosen, and not by accident. Things are evident but one needs to connect the dots to see the whole picture. Power structures have always utilised the spreading of fear to control populations. Why should now be seen as any exception to this? If you think about it, since 2011 the government has not been elected by the populace. This is not exactly democracy… to state it clearly, we’d need another definition.

The truth about psychedelics

Conspiratorial thinking? In the words of Giulio Andreotti (one of the most famous Italian politicians of the recent past), a man who wasn’t known to be taken by flights of fancy: ‘It’s a sin to assume the worst, but often you’ll find that you’re right’. But how is this all connected to magic mushrooms? Let’s see: why do you think these natural psychedelics are placed in the same category as drugs like heroin? It’s not like they cause dependence or have no medical use – false claims, as the objective qualities of magic mushrooms have been proven since the ‘60s last century and confirmed more recently through further research. And what are among the most important effects of psychedelics if not those which make you question the very foundations of our personal and social reality? Didn’t this happen with the flower children who rebelled to the point where the American government started to fear a revolution?

The strongest kinds of mystical experiences and contacts with the Divine are easily accessible to anyone who tries mushrooms. And just one time is sufficient to understand how the incredible beauty of the world is polluted by fear and pain (i.e. the fruits of collective hallucination). Take the mushrooms and open your eyes, confront yourself with death and come to understand that there is, in fact, nothing to fear, that everything is perfect and nothing happens by accident, not even the moment of your death.

The truth about fear

If I’m scared of death and I believe everything the TV tells me, I’ll need more than a mask to save me. While viruses are small to the level of millionths of millimetres, the pores in the filters of common masks are only an obstacle as much as a gate is to a mosquito.

It is fear itself that we must worry about. But “don’t be scared” doesn’t quite cut it to consider oneself safe. Just opening your eyes – and your heart – can save you. As long as I continue to think of myself as being my physical body, and my passage from this planet as being an accident, I’ll always be scared. Think about it.

Always read the WARNINGS!

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DM Tripson

DM Tripson published his first short stories at the age of 15, sure that he would soon become a writer, but after a few decades spent doing something else he had given up. One day he discovered magic mushrooms, an extraordinary encounter of the kind that changes your life, in fact it is only with their help that he was able to write three books and dozens of posts on this blog!

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